Project Description

INTELLIMIX COMPACT Q TOUCH SCREEN s the new 2K and 3K electronic mixing unit from WAGNER: it has been specifically developed to optimize color-change operations, minimize the material and solvent wastes, save time and improve the productivity in the coating plants.
The open fluid panel ensures fast maintenance and can be easily upgraded (i.e. addition of new color or hardener) even after the installation.

The push buttons on the display make easier the daily operations (Start, Stop, Flushing, Recipe change) especially in case of manual applications.


  • Real time flow control of the two components
  • Material consumption control
  • Real time ratio mixing control with alarm in case of malfunctioning
  • Pot-life monitoring with alarm
  • Automatic color change and flushing
  • Set up of the parameters of selectable and storable receipts


  • Precise mixing ratio: no risk of proportioning or mixing errors
  • Reduction of colour change time
  • Mixing of the only used product, no mixed product left unused
  • Reduction of material and solvent wastes
  • Improvement in finishing quality
  • Control of the consumption for lot of production (by day, by shift or by receipt)
  • Increase in productivity
  • Fast Return on Investment!