Project Description

A 4000AC revolutionizes the automatic coating processes with excellent finishing quality and transfer efficiencies. The results are an efficient coating process with the best surfaces.

These guns meet all market demands – highest flexibility, ultra light weight, compact dimensions and new long life packing for high process reliability. With the innovative cartridge system, the changing of the packing is simplified and takes only minutes!

The GA 4000AC is part of a complete modular system. A wide variety of nozzles and aircaps, baseplates with versatile connections and a large range of mounting equipment makes the GA 4000AC an ideal solution suitable for your specific application.

WAGNER offers two different versions of automatic AirCoat guns.
IC version (Internal control)
Easy adjustment of the spray pattern by an adjusting screw inthe base plate.

EC version (External control)
Pattern can be adjusted from the outside with a remote valve.